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Along with our range of Urinal Sanitising Products, we also offer an ongoing servicing package for all of our washroom accessories. This can even be on a contract-free basis, tailored to suit your needs.

Our WC and Urinal maintencance and cleaning service includes:

First Service:

Remove the drain cover and deep clean outlet pipe to clear any uric acid and waste build up which are the main cause of the odours associated with urinals. Our fully qualified technicians then treat the drain and step. The urinal wash dispenser is then installed in the cistern.

The dispenser will then release with every flush a specified dose of sanitising fluid to maintain the urinal face and trough, thus eliminating the growth of bacteria and the build up of uric acid scale.

Second Service:

Replace used dispenser with freshly charged unit, treat the face of the urinal with a residual spray for extra protection against bacteria and odour and deep clean outlet drain.

Third Service:

Repeat the first service schedule, ensuring that the urinal surface, trough, step, floor and waste pipes are thoroughly sanitised and left malodour free for your staff and customers alike.

Service Schedule: Usually Six Weekly, but this can be tailored to suit your needs.

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