School Cleaning Services, Perth

Janitorial and school cleaning services in Perth

Keep your school free of illness-causing bacteria with Tema’s comprehensive school cleaning solutions. Student and faculty washrooms, classrooms and gathering areas require regular cleaning and disinfection due to the high levels of pathogens that can collect on surfaces; these are a threat to the health of every person using your facilities and need to be cleaned regularly.

Not only is a comprehensive cleaning system good for health reasons, but aesthetics also plays a part. Impressions count, particularly with parents who are choosing an education facility for their children. Contact us for cleaning services that meet your needs – and parents’ requirements.

Educational facilities need to make a good impression on parents and council bodies, by prioritising good hygiene because it is critical for the wellbeing of students and teachers/lecturers. Illness in schools, colleges and universities impact learning and teaching, and so can the wrong cleaning solutions; these also need to be the healthier options.

We’re classified as green cleaners because we use non-toxic and safe cleaning products that remove contaminants from toilets, classrooms, cafeterias, and all common areas in your school, without affecting the health of anyone using these facilities. Rest easy with our janitorial solutions that include, cleaning, disinfecting, and polishing of:

  • Classrooms
  • Corridors
  • Toilets
  • Washrooms
  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Carpeting

If required, you can also choose our ancillary services, which include:

  • Grounds care & maintenance
  • High-pressure cleaning of roofing, paving, gutters, etc.

Our systematic approach to sanitising the inside and outside of your building ensures that all facilities meet the certified hygiene requirements of WA.

Tailored solutions

We offer a flexible approach to cleaning, as per our Tailored Concept Cleaning (TCC) program and package deals. You can opt for any combination, or even just one service. Choose a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning roster to suit your times and requirements.

If you are concerned about distractions to students, we offer programs that will clean during school holidays or on weekends. You can rest assured that our staff is police checked, fully trained and trustworthy, and our qualified supervisors are always on hand to make sure our services meet all cleaning standards.

Commercial cleaning

Our impeccable cleaning solutions are used by an extensive range of clients, from business and hospitality, to industrial and corporate companies.

Why use Tema Services?

  • Fully insured
  • Only employ permanent staff (no casuals or subcontractors)
  • Does not work on a contractual basis
  • Committed to high quality & affordable service

A recent survey revealed that our customers rate our corporate cleaning services highly. We strive to achieve 10’s from all our clients, across every cleaning solution we offer. Get in touch with us for an appointment, our representative will then visit your premises to chat about what you need and find the best package for you. Your school will be allocated a skilled team who work around school times, so nobody is inconvenienced.

Maintain the health of your students and staff by hiring Tema school cleaners. Cleaning solutions and service offerings since 1993. Contact us today for assistance.