Hotel Cleaning Services, Perth

Comprehensive hospitality cleaning service requirements

Tema Services offers specialised hotel cleaning services under an umbrella of commitment to quality, hygiene, trustworthiness and service excellence. Since 1993, leaders in the hospitality industry have trusted us to maintain the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness, as well as the same attention to detail and professionalism that they provide to their clients. Contact us today for an appointment.

Every patron that walks through the doors of your hotel expects the highest standards of cleanliness, and it is our job to go above and beyond this to ensure that your guests stay and leave with a high regard for your hotel or resort.

Cost & efficient

It makes financial sense to outsource your housekeeping and grounds care services to one company. Different suppliers offer varying prices and many don’t meet industry-standard hygiene levels. You could end up paying more for less quality. With Tema, your business will be regularly maintained at an affordable rate that meets your budget.

We remain up-to-date on the latest green cleaning solutions and sanitary equipment, ensuring your hotel inspections meet all certified ratings required in the hospitality industry; all within your budget requirements.

All-in-one solutions

Given our extensive experience we have carefully designed an all-in-one cleaning service that caters to all hospitality requirements. This means that you no longer need to outsource cleaning and maintenance to different cleaning suppliers because we do it all. We offer:

  • Hotel room cleaning
  • Complete laundry solutions
  • Linen hire
  • Ancillary services – high pressure cleaning of walls, roofing, paving, etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor window cleaning
  • Grounds care

Our services mean that you are relieved of the labour involved in managing the hygiene and cleanliness of your hotel, leaving you free to focus on the core business of looking after your guests. We know that your trade relies on exceptional guest service, so you can opt for our Total Concept Cleaning program (TCC), which includes one or more of our cleaning and care solutions, depending on what you require.

Tailored Concept Cleaning (TCC)

Designed to suit your business requirements, each program is tailored to your specifications. You can request a daily, weekly or monthly program, one that suits your budget and allows you the flexibility to include or remove services as and when you need them.

You can also opt for special requests such as additional linen hire for large-scale events. You can request spring cleaning services once a week or request temporary linen replacements while we launder and dry clean your permanent inventory.

Floor cleaning

We provide a specialist floor cleaning service where we clean, disinfect and polish the tiles of your restaurant and bathrooms, and we deep clean the rugs of your foyers and sun rooms. For your rooms we offer carpet cleaning with specialist equipment, operated by a skilled team of cleaners and supervisors.

The Tema cleaning team is police checked and wholly entrusted to provide nothing less than superior cleaning solutions. A trustworthy team, our hospitality cleaning staff carry the Tema name with pride and professionalism.

Contact us today for hotel cleaning services that put your business first.